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Got an hour?

Let’s kickstart your fitness!

After meeting with me you will have a personalized plan of action to jumpstart your health immediately and the enthusiasm to kick it into gear for the next few weeks. 

With the Fitness Kickstart you will get:

*Mastermind Health Session.  

We will connect on zoom for 60 minutes and identify a few simple shifts you can make to improve your health right away. 

*Clarity around a fitness plan.  

We will spend extra time focusing on your fitness so I can build you a simple, fun, effective plan that won’t take up your whole day and will have you excited to keep going.

*Personalized Workouts

I will design a four week fitness program to fit your life, goals, time, space and equipment you have on hand.  

*Excitement, Confidence & Motivation

You will have the enthusiasm and motivation to follow your fitness plan because it will be designed just for you, with your goals in mind.  You will finish your four weeks with the confidence and excitement to keep going. 


I will be available to you for support, accountability, a little kick in the ass or to answer any questions that might come up.

Let’s do this!  You’ve got all the tools, let me help you figure out how you want to use them.

Ready to get going?  Here’s what’s next.  

Click the link below to schedule and pay for your session.  I will email you a few questions and we are off to the races.  Let's get this going!

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